Qatar Balloon Festival 3. Edition

From 19 January 2023 to 28 January 2023
in Doha, Qatar
Qatar Balloon Festival 3. EditionQatar Balloon Festival 3. Edition


The 10-day festival will feature Hot Air Balloons over 50 balloons participating from around the world. Gather your friends, family, and loved ones to join you in the unforgettable spectacle of Hot Air Balloons of a variety of shapes and sizes.
Below are some reasons that make Qatar Balloon Festival a must-visit event:
Sunrise Balloon Launches

The sunrise launches are going to be just as the name says, at sunrise, and if you do not want to miss them you will have to wake up a tad bit earlier and either watch the skies or come join in at our take off points and witness the launching of over 50 balloons!
Tethered Flights

While you are enjoying the performances and indulging in the delicious eats from different cuisines at the food & beverage area and your kids are having fun at the gaming zone you will have a chance to witness a Hot Air Balloon professionally tied and secured to the ground while it will be floating just above you. The tethered balloons are just as interactive and engaging and if you’re lucky you might get a chance to experience a tethered balloon flight.

As the night will set over Doha and the festivities go on , enjoy a unique sighting of illuminated Balloons stacked next to each other while the pilots assure, they are glowing in the dark in perfect rhythm accompanied by the festival’s musical events from the main stage, creating a lovely vibrant atmosphere and an experience like no other.

What is a Festival without great dance and music performances !There is always something to watch for at the festival and this year a variety of performers, music bands, DJ, singers, are set to wow audiences at the 10-day event.
An extensive lineup of singers, music bands/groups, dancers, magic show, DJ, Violinist, mascots, jugglers and others has been set up to provide entertainment and enhance the overall festival experience for visitors.

In addition to being fascinated by the striking display of Hot Air Balloons, the younger crowd will have more to look forward to. A special arena has been designated for all kinds of different games that young ones and adults can enjoy during their visit to the festival.
A host of games will be held at the venue including carnival games, team games, human football, football darts, VR games, electronic games, themed jumping houses, and slides.
No matter the age, there will be something for everyone to try out. Make sure to bring the little ones along!
Food kiosks and trucks

It will be double the pleasure for foodies out there as the festival will have plenty of choices for food, which will be available at various kiosks and trucks spread across the venue.


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