Madagascar Balloon Meeting

From 06 November 2023 to 25 November 2023
in Morondava, Madagascar
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Madagascar Balloon MeetingMadagascar Balloon Meeting


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This story began more than 12 years ago with my first trip to Madagascar, where I discovered grandiose landscapes and an extraordinary population.

​The only way to be able to fly in a hot air balloon in Madagascar with the authorization of the authorities, was to organize an event there.

With the help of Vincent DUPUIS "pilot and instructor of Nicolas Hulot in Ushuaia" and his contact "Hans" on Madagascar, I therefore organized 2 raids in Madagascar, in 2017 and 2019.

The “Covid 19” interrupted this adventure for 2 years. In November 2022 I returned to Madagascar to scout for a new flight site, with Christophe Leray and Hans. We met on this occasion the Malagasy Minister of Tourism and the director of tourism who want to join this event by helping us in the organization.

Of course the Malagasy authorities cannot help us financially… This raid is therefore self-financed by each crew.

The 2023 edition will take place over 3 weeks with 6 take-off sites, all different from each other. Including 2 new sites compared to previous editions.

One in the middle of the bush with a tent camp, and the other on the ISALO park where previously no overflight authorization was given.

But this raid is also a human adventure in contact with a formidable population that always welcomes us with a smile. This is why during the raid the pilots and crews will participate in local humanitarian actions.

For 2023, the raid will be open internationally with the participation of 10 to 16 hot air balloons

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Vincent Dupuis not serious (21 September 2023)

We plan to ser up balloons flights in Madagascar and saw your « adventure » proposal. Vincent Dupuis hired a few months by our company you mention as « help » is definitely not a professional nor reliable individual and his addictions are more than questionable.

Review by African Sky


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