Ocseni Balloon Festival

From 30 September 2017 to 07 October 2017
in Őcsény, Hungary
Ocseni Balloon FestivalOcseni Balloon Festival


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  • City: Őcsény

  • Country: Hungary

  • Date: From 30 September 2017 to 07 October 2017

  • Hours:

  • Organizer:

  • Website: www.ocsenyballoon.hu

  • Contact Person: Welker Péter

  • Phone: +36 30 402 5251

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Dear balloonist friends who love Őcsény!

I am writing these lines with the intent of bringing back here in the group that lifestyle what the meetings in Őcsény always meant to me, without any exceptions. With this I want to enhance the mood in others, so in 2015 we can be part of something again what we like, the ”attraction” of Őcsény.

For me the first week of October at all times was a strong point in my youth. In those days this was my stronghold on average weekdays and thanks to this there was always something joyful, real experience what you could keep for a rainy day. Maybe what I am writing seems that it is for the better effect but it is not, and this is the real beauty in it. These one week periods persistently represented the human, friendly, cheerful relaxation over decades. My personal opinion is that these are necessary part of life.

On the Balloon Meeting Őcsény there was no place for tension, embarrassment, doubtful intentions, politics... Somehow these things were not viable after crossing the airport’s gate. However there were in complete condition the liberated feeling, games, friendships, relaxation and lots of fun. The mood was constantly surrounded with the feeling of living in a real human community. We had many common experiences from one extreme to the other. Some of it were very happy and funny but also sad. In some cases there were difficulties in our way to organize the meeting (findig a sponsor, change of airport ownership, or other). Nevertheless nothing could dissuade us and Őcsény always turned our invested work into advantage.

Now we are starting this initiative with full of hope to revive the meeting for one week, and I am sure that Őcsény will show it’s gratitude once again. So the motivation what I want to give with these lines is to encourage you to contribute to the process. You can help us with anything according to your possibilities, for the love of it or what gives you pleasure. If you have a favourite photo from the event’s past, or a story, or dear memories you can share them here. Good ideas, contacts or any other assistances are welcome.

If we combine our powers for the common and greater good then this will be a good example that in this small balloonist micro community a good collaboration can be creative. After it we can enjoy the taste of this ripe fruit again together!

Solymosi Zita


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