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Funks Ballonfahrten

Looking for a gift voucher for birthday, christmas, aniversary and more? You found it! Our beautifull gift vouchers for balloon flights araound Switzerland ar always a welcome gift. We have many take of locations in all areas.


BAS Ballonvaarten Netherlands

Balloon Flights throughout the Netherlands. 11 hot air balloons and also the only hot air balloon restaurant in the World; CuliAir Sky Dining


Ballooning Tuscany

Welcome to the magical world of hot air balloons in Tuscany

Ballooning in Florence
The hot air balloon flight over Florence is a special flight, we must be lucky with excellent weather.
You must know that flying in a hot air balloon is always a great adventure, the direction is dictated by wind, and it is only nature that decides our direction.
For this reason, the flight over the city of Florence is not always possible.
Our take-offs from Florence must have a favorable climate and a particular wind
When it is not possible to take off from the city, the take-off field that is used is San Casciano Val di Pesa, very close.
Florence is one of the most historic cities in Italy, if you are passing through, we recommend a stop to visit it. But only after your hot air balloon trip.
Your flight will be organized to offer you the best views and maximum safety.
To guarantee this safety, our company has great professionals pilots.


Welcome to the magical world of flight, Fly over Tuscany aboard a hot air balloon, a fantastic trip awaits you.